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This guy used to work for marketingfile where he stole all of the proprietory technology, customer files, etc etc to set up on his own; at marketingfile he never did any work and spent his entire time trying to look up the skirts or down the blouses of all the young girls.A real sicko.

His new website is at; 2 girls have already left there because apparently he installed a camera in the girls loos so that he can film up their skirts.

Also when he goes to london he likes to rub up to women on the undergorund.

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Houston, Scotland, United Kingdom #22388

God almighty !!

I think I know him - Tell me all you know and, if you can, dates times etc

We must do something !


Kfar Saba, Hamerkaz, Israel #519

If David Lightning continues to touch up women on London underground, he will eventually be caught; British Transport police employs loads of undercover (plain clothes) officers on the busy lines during rush hour (such as the Victoria Line) and they are trained to recognise pervy conduct; so don't worry George: he will be caught and he will end up in jail.

Kfar Saba, Hamerkaz, Israel #475

What a sicko! Why isn't this guy in jail???

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